Notes and regulations Winter Season 2021-2022

This document regulates the contractual conditions of the skipass purchase and its use of daily, multi-day (consecutive and non),Return trips, seasonal and annual passes along with the conditions of use of the lift systems and ski slopes.


The mountain environment in which you find yourself and the ever-changing natural and/or artificial conditions that characterise it, along with the nature of the practice of the sport of skiing, pose a risk. The purchase of a ticket and the use of the lift systems means you are aware of, and accept, all the conditions present in the regulations, and agree to apply common sense. It will not be possible for skiers to make claims against the Company for injury resulting from accidents caused by any of the conditions that are an integral part of the practice of skiing, of which, but not exclusively; conditions of the terrain, that may be characterised by discontinuities and irregularities of the snow cover caused by a variation in weather conditions, grooming, daily usage, falls of other skiers and partial grooming after a snowfall, along with the presence of small rocks and artificial snow mounds, according to the law (art. 6 Regolamento Regionale n. 2/1996. Use of the ski runs by skiers is regulated by law (art. 6 Regolamento Regionale n. 2/1996).
Per quanto riguarda l’utilizzo delle piste da sci da parte degli sciatori si fa riferimento alla Legge Regionale nr 9 del 17 marzo 1992 e nr 27 del 15 novembre 2004.

Winter Season

The purchase of the ticket implies the knowledge and unconditional acceptance of these "Ticketing Regulations" viewable at the ticket offices, as well as on the operator's website and the national and regional laws governing winter sports and the use of ski lifts.

  1. The “ticket-office rules” are based upon the price-lists on display and are to be considered part of it.
  2. Tickets are valid during normal opening hours of the lifts and are subject to the “Travellers Conditions” established by each ski area, they can be purchased from the ticket-offices of the company CERVINO S.p.A. and other official external sales points and have following validity:
    • Cervino ski area: valid for use on the lift systems of Breuil-Cervinia.
    • Valtournenche ski area: valid for use on the lift systems of Valtournenche.
    • Chamois ski area: valid for use on the lift systems of Chamois.
    • Torgnon ski area: valid for use on the lift systems of Torgnon.
    • Cervino-Valtournenche ski area: valid for use on the lift systems of the company Cervino S.p.A.; multi-day consecutive ski-passes of between 3 and 6 days as published on the price-lists can be used in all stations in Aosta Valley according to the following:
      • From 2 days; valid also in the ski areas of Chamois and Torgnon.
      • 3, 4 and 5 days; valid for one day in another resort in Valle d'Aosta;
      • 6, days; valid for two days in other resorts in Valle d'Aosta;
      • Cervino–Valtournenche–Zermatt International ski area: valid for use on the lifts of Cervino S.p.A., Zermatt Bergbahnen AG and Gornergrat-Monte Rosa-Bahnen. International tickets purchased in Italy must be used daily, for first passage each day in the ski area, on Italian lifts.
  1. International tickets, as refers to the Swiss side, value indicated on the ski-pass in the following manner: “di cui CH -, -- Euro#”, sold on behalf of the Swiss company by Cervino S.p.A. and its sales points, are sold in the name of and under the conditions of the company Zermatt Bergbahen AG – Postfach 378 – Zermatt – MWST. N° 280498 - whom are directly responsible to clients in regard to the management of the lifts and slopes situated in Swiss territory.
  2. Aosta Valley ski-passes “Valle d’Aosta” consecutive days and seasonal passes are valid on all the lifts in the resorts of Aosta Valley and are subject to the “Skipass Valle d’Aosta ticket-office rules”, published by the company PILA S.p.A. for the current season.
  3. All tickets are strictly personal and are non-transferable. Abusive behaviour of any kind will lead to their immediate withdrawal, followed by the application of legal sanctions. We remind clients using the lifts of the company Cervino S.p.A. that, as established in the Regional Laws of the Valle d’Aosta, n.20 of the 18.04.2008, and 753 of the 11.07.1980 of the D.P.R.:
    Those whom use the tickets of another person may be punished by sanctions provided in article 494 of the Penal Code (impersonation) and article 640 of the Penal Code (fraud); the person consenting to the misuse may also be punishable. In these cases, along with the consequences of sanctions, the ticket will be withdrawn and made void. Clients must carry with them the document that justifies a discounted ticket, this document along with the ticket must be presented to staff, upon request, at lift control points to verify the entitled transport category. All tickets will have, along with technical ticket-office data, the following printed on them:

    • Tickets: Name and Surname:
      This data must be provided by the client at the time of purchase of the ticket and where necessary, must be presented along with an identity document to obtain age related discounts.
  1. It will not be possible for any reason, the recuperation of unused days of a multi-day non-consecutive ski-pass or seasonal pass. Clients must check their ski-pass, purchase receipt and change immediately as any claims thereafter will not be accepted.
  2. For loss of a ski-pass (multi-day consecutive and non-consecutive, seasonal) the following rules apply: a duplicate will be issued if the number of the original ski-pass purchased is trace-able by receipt; the deposit of the ski-pass will not be reimbursed in any case and will need to be re-paid along with 10% of the lost ticket’s value up to the sum of € 50,00, required for ad-ministrative expenses. This amount will not be refundable even if the original ski-pass is found.
  3. With the exception of babies, non-consecutive multi-day tickets (days of your choice) valid on the Breuil-Cervinia Valtournenche lifts and international tickets valid on the Breuil-Cervinia Valtournenche Zermatt lifts do not entitle you to gratuity. Please note that the first passage on a plant cancels a day of validity of these tickets and therefore after the first step you are not entitled to recovery, even in case of adverse weather conditions.
  4. Daily “season” ski-pass: ski-passes at the normal, senior, junior, teen categories at high sea-son tariffs with season validity; tickets can be used within the season issued and will not be re-funded nor will there be the possibility to recuperate these ski-passes in any case, even if un-used.
  5. Tariffs for Baby, Baby NA, Junior, Senior, Teen and Over 80 for 1-6 consecutive day ski-passes and trunk-line tickets, excluding ski-passes Valle d’Aosta:
    • BABY: children born after the 31/10/2013 will receive where applicable, a free and strict-ly personal ticket that is non-transferable and will not be replaced if lost. The ticket will be issued for the same duration and period as that of the ticket purchased at the same time by an accompanying adult, the child must be present at the moment of purchase and have an identity document proving age.
    • BABY NA: children born after the 31/10/2013 not accompanied by an adult will be granted a 75% discount on the normal tariff, upon presentation of a document with proof of age and the person entitled to the reduction upon purchase.
    • JUNIOR: children born after the 31/10/2007 will be granted the reduced tariff upon presentation of a document with proof of age and the person entitled to the reduction present upon purchase.
    • TEEN: children born after the 31/10/2003 will be granted the reduced tariff upon presen-tation of a document with proof of age and the person entitled to reduction present upon purchase.
    • SENIOR: adults born before 01/05/1957 will be granted the reduced tariff upon presen-tation of a document with proof of age and the person entitled to the reduction present upon purchase.
    • OVER 80: adults born before 01/11/1941 will receive a free and strictly personal ticket that is non-transferrable and will not be replaced if lost. The adult must be present upon purchase and have an identity document proving age.
  6. Statutory declaration certification of birth date cannot be accepted for discounts of which it will always be necessary to present an identity document (art.2 D.P.R. n. 445/2000).
  7. Insurance cover: the daily, multi-day and seasonal ski-passes of the pools indicated in article n.3 can be purchased with insurance when requested at the moment of issue, it will not be possible to purchase insurance after the ski-pass has been issued. Purchase of insurance means the client is aware of and accepts the insurance policy conditions, available to clients at the ticket office of Cervino S.p.A. The first aid ski patrol service for skiers in Cervinia and in the ski area in Aosta Valley will be subject to a charge of € 200.00 to cover part of the expenses. Check that your insurance policy also covers the cost, or you may purchase the insurance at the ticket offices in resorts at a cost of € 3.00 per day (Snowcare Oro): the insurance company will extinguish the payment directly.
  8. For ski-passes issued on a keycard (electronic stand), a € 2.00 for the purchase is required.
  9. Seasonal passes are strictly personal and must not be used by third parties under any circumstances. Upon request of staff and authorities, clients will be required to present their ski-pass and permit identification.
  10. Disabled people with a certificate attesting a 70% handicap will be granted a 50% reduction for Italian or international tickets along with a person accompanying them.
  11. The opening and closing periods of the ski season are decided at the unquestionable discretion of the company Cervino S.p.A. based on a number of factors, of which but not exclusively; weather conditions, snow cover, state of the ski runs and safety. Publication of the opening and closing dates for each ski season are indicative and does not constitute a binding commitment for opening or remaining open.
    The ski season operations may be suspended at any time, temporarily or definitively, at the unquestionable discretion of the company Cervino S.p.A based on the weather conditions, the snow cover, state of the ski runs or for safety reasons or for reasonable grounds.
    Ski season operations may also be suspended at any time, temporarily or definitively, for unpredictable circumstances, for example, electrical blackout, strikes including company employee strikes, fire, earthquakes, war, terroristic attacks, epidemics, closure by authorities, and for general circumstances beyond the control of the company Cervino S.p.A.
    In the case of temporary or definitive suspension of the ski season operations due to one of the reasons indicated in the present point, the client is not entitled to a refund or compensation, except where provided by the law.
    In particular, where seasonal and annual passes are concerned, the client takes into account that the purchase of this type of pass implies that the client accepts the risk that the ski season length may be inferior to expectations and the risk is compensated by the advantages applied to the use of the lifts at flat rate.
    Where multi-day consecutive ski-passes are concerned (not including the insurance), in the case of definitive closure of the ski season for one of the reasons indicated in the present point, the unused days may be recovered within the following winter season. A personal voucher with name and surname will be issued upon request of the client.
    If, due to an increase of the COVID19 pandemic cases, access to the ski resorts should be restricted, holders of seasonal passes and multi-day non-consecutive passes will be obliged to book their ski days for a maximun of three days a week at
    In the event that the competent authorities arrange for the closure of the ski ares, due to the health emergency situation linked to the spread of the Covid-19 virus, the sesonal skipass purchase contract will be considered teminated. In this case, the portion of the seasonal ski pass fee will be reimbursed in proportion to the fewer days of opening compared to the 120 opening days guaranteed with the purchase of the seasonal pass. The start of the reference period corresponds to the opening day of the first ski area belonging to the Aosta Valley Skipass
  12. The opening hours of the lift systems is established by the company Cervino S.p.A. and made public via signs in the ticket office and at the lift systems stations. The timetables may be subject to change at any time.
  13. The company Cervino S.p.A. reserves the right to decide, at its unquestionable discretion, the opening and closing times and periods of the lifts and slopes. The ski-pass prices are established and the opening and closing of the lifts and slopes do not have influence on the ticket price.
    The number and type of lift and the number of ski runs open every day will be established by the company Cervino S.p.A. and published on information boards at the ticket office, lift systems stations and via the website of the company.
    The number and type of lifts and the number of ski runs open every day are subject to change at any time, without warning, for technical reasons, service obligations, safety reasons, weather conditions or for circumstances beyond control (for example electrical blackout, strike including company employee strikes, order of authorities) and for general circumstances beyond the control of the company Cervino S.p.A.
    The company Cervino S.p.A. reserves the right in the case of sporting events to close to the public, or reserve for athletes and technical staff use only, certain lifts, ski runs, areas and buildings necessary to carry out the events, for a reasonable time necessary. The company also reserves the right to reserve ski runs for training purposes (ski clubs).
    In these cases illustrated in the present point, as for queues at lift stations for any reason, no refund or compensation, not even partial, will be granted.
  14. Prices may be subject to variation dependant on fiscal changes or exchange rates. The price of International ski-passes may be subject to variation depending on the Euro/Swiss Francs exchange rates.
  15. The company reserves the right to amend tariffs and conditions at any time during the season.
  16. Please Note – D. Lgs. 196/03: The Privacy Legislation is available from the ticket office and on the site where you will find up to date information and list of responsibilities.
  17. In the case a client forgets their seasonal pass, a daily ski pass will be issued at a charge of € 10.00.
  18. In the case of extended itineraries, it is the client’s responsibility to check timetables to catch lifts in time to return. The company will not be held responsible if the client cannot re-turn due to their own tardiness. Pay attention in particular, to the last return trip from Zermatt for Breuil-Cervinia and from Breuil-Cervinia to Zermatt; these times are posted at both the Italian and Swiss lift stations. In the case that the client is late, they accept the possibility that their return may be via other means of transport, or they may have to stay in the local area. The lift systems company will not refund ski-passes or expenses incurred.
  19. To reach Plateau Rosà and Swiss territory, clients must be in possession of an identity document valid for foreign travel. The ski patrol and rescue services are charged services.
  20. The company Cervino S.p.A. denies any responsibility for damage caused due to improper use of the lift systems or due to improper behaviour of the client whilst using the facilities such as lifts and ski runs and related areas (as an example but not exclusively; speed and behaviour not adapt to one’s capacity, conditions of the terrain, snow cover, weather and number of people on the ski runs, non-compliance to the signposts where present, use of closed or off-pist runs).
  21. It is mandatory for all users of the lift systems to be in possession of the GREEN PASS that will have to be presented, with a valid identity document and the ski-pass, at request of Cervino S.p.A. personnel or law enforcement. If a client is not in possession of their GREEN PASS, they will be invited to move away from the lift station departure area, and if already in possession of a ski-pass, it will not be refundable.
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